Denner-Shermann-Logo705MERCYFUL FATE Guitarists launch their 30 Years Anniversary video for “DON’T BREAK THE OATH (Part One)
We’ve just finished the last edits for the 30 Years anniversary video of “Don’t Break The Oath” Album, it will be released in two parts.
With the overwhelmingly feedback from the MELISSA 30 Years Anniversary video,  it was obvious that Michael Denner & Hank Shermann were going to do the same event with the “Dont Break The Oath” Album.  “We think the fans like to see how its really played by the original guitar players, so we tuned and tweaked the guitars and amps as we did back in 1984, this is as close as you’ll get it”
This Album is a bit more complicated to execute compared to Melissa, but we really enjoyed going 30 Years back in time with our two guitars”
The highlights from all songs was performed live with two guitars and 2 amps. Part Two will be released at the end of October.
Video on Youtube: