md-profile-bigMichael Denner : Original guitar player with Mercyful Fate & King Diamond.
Michael Denner started to play guitar at the age of 11 years old. His first band was “Lucifers Airship”, he left the band and formed “Iron Space”. Later on in the 70s he formed another new band called “Star Chaser”. In 1979 he joined the band “Brats” where he first met Hank.
After the break-up of MERCYFUL FATE in April 1985, Michael continued in KING DIAMOND band, and co-wrote the songs: “POSSESION” “HALLOWEEN” “NO PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS” ” CHARON” and “HAUNTED” from the first two Albums: Fatal Portrait & Abigail.
Main bands : Brats – Mercyful Fate – King Diamond – Zoser Mez – Force of Evil – Denner / Shermann